ECOPOL Conference, “Accelerating eco-innovation policies”

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Towards new policies for better waste management and resource efficiency

Athens, 22-23 October 2013

The ECOPOL conference, “Accelerating eco-innovation policies,” will focus on policy approaches and instruments boosting the uptake of eco-innovative solutions, especially in the field of waste management and resource efficiency. The conference will be also complemented with a joint session focusing on systemic eco-innovation, in cooperation with ECOINNOVERA platform, which is one of the ECOPOL partners (more information on ECOINNOVERA can be found The conference is organised by the public partnership ECOPOL and hosted by the Managing Authority of Attika Region.

The European Commission’s Eco-innovation Action Plan (EcoAP) - the new guiding document for European eco-innovation policies - focuses not only on green technologies but also on the broader concept of eco-innovation, including actions on both demand and supply sides.One of the main challenges of reaching the EcoAP targets is to find, put into practice, and upscale efficient eco-innovation policies. This was one of the starting points of the ECOPOL partnership: how to speed up effective implementation of eco-innovation policies at the European level and what kind of policy tools and instruments most efficiently support eco-innovation?

To that end, the ECOPOL partnership has identified over 150 eco-innovative policy practices and tools in the areas of waste and recycling, green public procurement, and internationalisation of eco-innovative businesses. Going beyond sole identification, ECOPOL has been able to launch a number of concrete implementations of these policy instruments. It has developed a set of tools and methods to support the process of transferring and implementing new instruments. In addition to the implementation of policy practices in the six partner regions, ECOPOL has invented an innovative method for speeding-up the transfer, adaptation, and implementation of eco-innovative policies and instruments in five additional European regions.

The ECOPOL conference brings together practical experiences from the policy implementation projects and the national and European level recommendations for developing and scaling up efficient new eco-innovation policies, putting them into a practical context of the renewal of the Greek waste management system. With fruitful dialogue between policies and their practical implementation, the conference will provide both national and regional solutions towards resource efficiency, as well as European eco-innovation policy instruments.

The ECOPOL conference offers excellent opportunities for networking and inspiration for smart specialisation strategies, national road-mapping and future European funding programmes. For European policy makers and practitioners, the conference showcases the hands-on experiences of the ECOPOL partners in implementing new eco-innovative policy approaches and discusses suitable approaches and success factors.  For companies and SMEs, the conference provides a platform to present technologies and services in modern waste management.

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